Fact Find

BJP It takes time to develop the sort of relationship that we have with our clients. We’ve worked hard to streamline the information-gathering process, making it as quick and efficient as possible.

Fact-Find is a dynamic discovery tool we’ve developed to get to the heart of your busines

Our trained consultants use it to develop the understanding we require and the rapid professional results you need without wasting time.

We will ask you about a wide range of issues: your exposure to creditors, how you would manage catastrophes like computer viruses and natural disasters, changes in law affecting the legal rights of your employees, and many others.

We’ll help you prepare for our Fact-Find tour, giving you advance notice of the information we’ll need when we come to talk to you.

We can only advise you effectively if we know you, and if you know the full range of options available to protect you. Fact-Find gets us where we need to be: maximum knowledge, minimum fuss.

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