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At BJP Insurance brokers we have a depth of tradesman insurance knowledge and a wealth of experience spanning over a decade. We are specialists in advising tradesman and finding the right insurance solution for their needs.

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As experienced advisers, we truly understand your tradesman insurance requirements. We are here to help you choose the right tradesman insurance to protect you and your business, giving you ultimate peace of mind. If you need some expert advice on tradesman insurance, speak to one of our specialist advisors today to help you find the insurance to meet your business needs.

How will Tradesman Insurance Benefit Me?

One small error can literally ruin your livelihood in an instant. Tradesman insurance policies are designed to protect you against situations at work that can cause financial loss. Whether this is personal injury, liability issues, or legal action, a tradesman insurance policy will cover you.

Tradesman insurance also includes cover that protects the tools and equipment that is vital to your business. For example, if your tools are stolen you need to be confident that your tradesman insurance policy will pay out. The cost of not being able to work is bad enough without having to then pay to replace the stolen tools.

Most tradesman businesses rely on commercial vehicles, such as vans and trucks. Insuring these vehicles is very different to standard car insurance and tradesman insurance can be tailored to include your work vehicles.

Some of our more standard Tradesman Insurance policies include:

Public Liability Insurance

For example, if you are working at a client’s premises and you damage property or injure someone your public liability insurance will cover the compensation payments as well as any legal expenses.

Employers Liability Insurance

For example if one of your employees sustains an injury, your employers liability insurance policy will cover you against any claim made.

Contract Works / Contractors All Risks Insurance

For example, if work you have done is destroyed or damaged due to bad weather conditions, your contract works insurance will cover the cost of replacement. Alternatively if you have equipment stolen from site, your contractors all risks insurance policy will pay for your loss.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

For example, should you find yourself being personally sued as a result of company business your directors and officers liability insurance policy will pay the legal defence costs involved in defending any action made against you or any compensation awards.

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