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At BJP Insurance brokers we are recognised as experts in the field of Construction Insurance. This has been the mainstay of our business since we started trading more than a decade ago.

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Our Construction Insurance solutions have protected construction companies of every size and specialist niche. We can provide a vast range of products from UK based insurers to cover every eventuality.

Whether you need advice on liability insurance, motor and plant,  performance bonds, warranties, deposit guarantees, credit insurance or equipment and motor fleet insurance, our dedicated team of construction insurance specialists is here to help. Choosing BJP Insurance Brokers for you businesses cover is the smart move so contact one of our specialist advisors today and find best possible cover at the best possible price.

Why do I need Construction insurance?

Construction sites can be dangerous places, construction insurance is imperative if you own, run or manage a construction or building site. It provides you with safeguards as an employer, should any of your employees be injured while working onsite. You will still need to follow the health and safety guidelines as insurance policies only pay out if these guidelines are strictly adhered to. Construction insurance can also cover materials and machinery in the event of theft, or damage.

To receive a quote or to seek advice from one of our insurance advisers about Construction Insurance please complete the enquiry form and we’ll be glad to assist you. An adviser will contact you within a working day to discuss your requirements.

Some of our more standard insurances for the construction industry include:

Public Liability Insurance
For example, if you are working at a client’s premises and if a falling brick damages property or injures someone your public liability insurance will cover the compensation payments as well as any legal expenses.

Employers Liability Insurance
For example if one of your employees sustains a head injury from falling debris, whether they are wearing a hard hat or not, your employers liability insurance policy will cover you against any claim.

Contract Works / Contractors All Risks Insurance
For example, if a wall you are constructing collapses due to bad weather conditions, your contract works insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding the wall. Alternatively if you have equipment stolen from site, your contractors all risks insurance policy will pay for your loss.

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